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Abella Danger drops her NFT collection

In collaboration with Pokmi, Abella has created a collection of 6’969 NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain called METABELLA.

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The $PKN is the best way to change
the uncensored industry for the better

The $PKN is meant to transform the world of digital content towards
more ethics, transparency and fairness for both creators and consumers, thanks to Blockchain technology and NFTs.

Support & Protect the creators

The $PKN is revolutionizing the world of uncensored content by creating a currency dedicated to the 18+ world online.

The $PKN provides financial, technological and legal infrastructure for creators.

Thanks to our crypto you are directly supporting content creators by offering them a specific framework for an activity that is under attack from all sides by the banking world.

Our technological edge allows us to position the $PKN as a cross-platform payment method. Pokmi is and will always be an NFT vertical of uncensored creativity for creators and users alike.

To own $PKN is to have the power to create the future of uncensored content. To own a piece of the dream or shape the shoot to your liking, to talk live to your favorite star and even to go to the moon.

Empower the users

Pokmi, the best lineup of all time

We've succeed to bring together the world's biggest content creator stars
to ensure the most unique experience on earth and in the metaverse.







How to Earn $PKN?

11/20 - Roadmap Airdrop 🔥
Pooling or Staking? That is the question!

Whatever your choice you will be rewarded for your confidence in our project!

Pooling is made for $PKN holders that wants quick monthly APY rewards. 

Staking is for the real HODLERS that share a long term vision and are aware of the amazing opportunity.

Important information: each time you enter the pool or subscribe to a staking offer, 1% of the transaction is burned and 1% of the transaction is transferred to our charity wallet as described in our white paper.

Earning Pool

Stake your $PKN to earn more $PKN.

47,9M $PKN liquidity pool
Up to 27% APY
Dist. Every Tuesday
Started on 10/01/2021
Start Earning

100,000 PKN*

Master Pack

Access exclusive content on our platform and start your collection of exclusive NFPs.

Master NFP Airdrops
No Ads Forever
Unlimited Access to group chat
ℹ️ 10 000 Available Packs
Start Staking
*Your PKNs will be locked for 12 months. 

Welcome to the Pool Party!

We've created our own
Liquidity Pool of 35 000 000 $PKN (50% BSC - 50% ETH)
with Yield distributions every tuesday from 10/01 to 12/21.


Pool Size +30 000 000 $PKN
Charge time 12 months
Est. APY up to 60%
Choose this Plan


Pool Size +3 000 000 $PKN
Charge time 3 months
Est. APY up to 100%
Choose this Plan


Pool Size +2 000 000 $PKN
Charge time 1 months
Est. APY up to 167%
Choose this Plan

Why should i take a dive?

In life, there are two types of people.
Those who know that waiting always brings
beautiful surprises and those who like to be able to enjoy each day as if it was the last. In the world of crypto-currencies, the former often manage to achieve great performances. You should think about swimming more often.

Want access to the first NFT-based uncensored content platform
but don't have $PKN in your wallet yet? We've got you covered!
You can buy  $PKN with $/€ now!

BUY PKN with $/€

Buy $PKN with $/€

Download our WhitePaper


The amazing $PKN Story

A few months ago creating the uncensored industry's new currency was a simple conversation between three co-founders. Today, that vision has become a real company and is poised to become the global standard.

Q1 2021
Project Launch
Founders Team
Love Money Pre-seed
MVP Deployed
200+ creators applications
April 2O21
First Pokmi NFP sold : 2.5ETH
Team ramp-up
Start of our Community ❤
May 2021
Onboarding of major Partners &Ambassadors
Marketplace features
June 2021
Smart Contract creation & audit
ICO platform development
Cross-chain ERC20 - BEP20 bridge

July 2021
Tube Model Bêta (test & learn)
Comex team ramp-up
US & Japan Incorporation / office opening
August 2021
Pokmi Live Bêta
International Brand partnerships Messaging feature deployment

10.7M$ ICO - 1,5B $PKN Sold 🎉
Septembre 2021
DEX listing
Diluted Market Cap: $126 M$
Ranked in the Top 300 cryptos list

Maitland Ward & Abella Danger Announcements 🔥
Q4 2021
CEX Listing
Credit Card to $PKN
2m$ Marketing Plan
20 ambassadors with 100m+ Reach
5000+ Content Creators

$0.3415 ATH 🔥
Platform V2
Poken Wallet
Pay in $PKN feature
on other 18+ Platforms
Pay per view
Watch to earn

Pokmi's Main Features

Pokmi's reasons for being is to provide a fairer, more transparent and ethical model for content creators by putting them back at the center of the economic equation, to transform the world of uncensored content through the latest technologies and innovations. To guarantee to 18+ and only to them a unique, secure and authentic quality content experience through the Blockchain technology. To promote ethical, inclusive and educational values, supported by its partners and Ambassadors and leverage AI and machine learning tools to solve systemic problems in its market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for transforming the world of uncensored content with us today! We've collected all the most asked questions from our community here.
Here are our best answers.

How do i create my account?
How do i buy an NFT?
What's your contract adresses?
How do i create a creator account?
Why & how should i go trough a KYC process?
I didn't receive my $PKN after the listing on the DEXs


・Earn 10 PKN for each Tweet done on your behalf = passive compensation
・Unlimited time
・Your earned PKN are distributed monthly
・Distribution done through BSC Network

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